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When you choose an In-House Production, you are choosing a professional-quality, custom-built video to engage with your audience in the strongest way. Our team comes out on-location and executes a preplanned shoot to suit your needs. Scripting, shooting, graphics, voiceover, and editing are all taken care of and we deliver you an end product you will be proud to show your audience. See examples of our In-House Productions below!


  • On-Location Filming

  • Footage shot on high quality cameras (Sony, BlackMagic)

  • Footage shot in 4K up to 120fps

  • Professional Lighting and Audio

  • Professional Voiceover

  • Scripting Assistance

  • Color Graded footage

Perfect for Commercials, Interviews, Testimonials, Corporate Videos, Events, Stylistic Product shoots, Social Media, Targeted Video, OTT, CTV and more!

Contact us today to get started on your next video project! 

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